The Cutting Edge Product That Has Changed the Window Tinting Game Forever

Phoenix Ceramic Window Tinting, Quality Window Tint Film That is Worth Every Bit.

Whether you want to get a tint job on your car, home, or storefront your options have been pretty much the same for year. You had dye based films and metallic films. These films both have a benefit and a compromise, but with this new product that is just catching on in the mainstream market you never have to compromise again!

Ceramic Window Tinting

Welcome Ceramic Window Tint

The future is here thanks to nano technology that makes ceramic window tinting a possibility. Never before were we able to make thin pliable ceramic sheets, but why does this change the game? Ceramic window tint is chalked full of benefits and quality that blows ever other product out of the water. Below I will lay out its most shocking benefits.

Like you are Always in the Shade

If it is tint on your vehicle or your home windows ceramic tint does one thing better than anything out there and that is heat rejection. With a heat rejection rating of 80% ceramic window tint performs 15% better than the best option before it. The benefits for your vehicle include keeping the temperature of your car down significantly when exposed to a lot of sun. This means when you are in the store, it is like you are always parked in the shade! For your home or business, as I’m sure you can guess, the energy benefits are immense. Your windows will have a huge efficiency boost and your bills will shrink as well as the demand put on your A/C unit.

Security you can count on

Ceramic tint brings a new benefit to the table in the world of tinting. Because of its extreme durability, ceramic window tint acts as an armor for your car, home, or business windows. This hard shell of protection is not easily broken at will deter or at least significantly slow down any would be criminals. This extra layer of protection could make the difference if you are ever the intended victim of a robbery or carjacking.

Ceramic Window TintThe tint that lasts forever

Since ceramic tint does not contain any plastics, it does not break down like other tints. Picture an archeological dig site. Usually what they find still intact from thousands of years in the past is the ceramic pottery. This is because ceramic is one of the most durable materials on the planet. Once you get ceramic tint installed you are done with tint for life.

Ceramic is green

Ceramic window tint does not contain metals or dyes. These dye and metal based tints can be full of harsh chemicals. The more we shift over to ceramic tinting the less these harsh chemicals will be in demand to make other types of tint.

Ceramic tint does not interfere with any radio waves

Before ceramic tint, metallic tint was one of the best products on the market. This kind of tint came with some serious downsides that quickly made it lose popularity. The metals in the tint would interfere with in glass antennas, reduce the range of remotes, and even reduce cell signal. Ceramic tint does not suffer from any of these downsides but does a better job at providing all of the same benefits that metallic tint offered.

The One Downside (if you can call it that)

The one thing about ceramic tint that turns people away is the cost. It is more costly than regular tint. The reason most people see the price and run is because they don’t understand how superior of a product it is to other types of tint available on the market today. I for one think it is more than worth the investment and can even save you some money!