DIY Window Tint

Mobile Window Tinting
The perils of installing your own window tint and what to do if you’ve gone too far If you are looking into getting your car windows tinted then you have probably noticed a lot of DIY kits available for you to install the tint on your own. The places that sell these kits make it look and sound easy as pie, but the truth is a little more complicated than that. In this article we will give you the reasons you might want to think twice about going the DIY route and give you some pointers on what t...

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

Ceramic Window Tinting
Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it? If you have been thinking about tinting your windows, then no doubt you have seen the new ceramic options most companies are offering now. Just like you, I asked myself “Is ceramic window tint worth it?” To find my answer I decided to do a little research on the subject, and then get the tint myself so I could report back my results to you! Let's start with the technical benefits of Ceramic Tint: Heat Reduction: 85% heat reduction, this means it blocks out 8...

Phoenix Window Tinting

Window Tinting Phoenix, Free Estimate call: 480-418-5489 100% Mobile window tinting service in Phoenix Arizona, We carry the top window tinting films in Phoenix, Arizona! High-Quality Heat reduction and a Lifetime warranty by Suntek. Don't Settle for a Window Tint film that is going to lose its heat reduction value in a matter of months! Our films come with some of the highest heat reduction on the market and are guaranteed never to lose heat reduction, Fade, Bubble, Crack or peel. Our Proc...