Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it?

Ceramic Window Tinting
Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth it? If you have been thinking about tinting your windows, then no doubt you have seen the new ceramic options most companies are offering now. Just like you, I asked myself “Is ceramic window tint worth it?” To find my answer I decided to do a little research on the subject, and then get the tint myself so I could report back my results to you! Let's start with the technical benefits of Ceramic Tint: Heat Reduction: 85% heat reduction, this means it blocks out 8...

Phoenix Professional Window Tinting

Window tinting in tempe
Phoenix professional window tinting Why you should always go with a professional tinting company When getting your windows tinted you are not only making your car look cooler or keeping the sun out of your eyes. You are making a decision that can impact the value of your vehicle positively or negatively. In this article we will break down the dangers of DIY and amateur installation and the benefits of using phoenix professional window tinting installation. The Risk You Take When Self Inst...

The Cutting Edge Product That Has Changed the Window Tinting Game Forever

Ceramic Window Tint
Phoenix Ceramic Window Tinting, Quality Window Tint Film That is Worth Every Bit. Whether you want to get a tint job on your car, home, or storefront your options have been pretty much the same for year. You had dye based films and metallic films. These films both have a benefit and a compromise, but with this new product that is just catching on in the mainstream market you never have to compromise again! Welcome Ceramic Window Tint The future is here thanks to nano technology that makes...